Hi Guys! I’m finally back *yayyyy*

For a while I didn’t think I’d be able to continue writing for this blog .I’d taken such a long break due to my finals and when I got back I just felt like I had lost all inspiration to write, but sure enough I’m back and hopefully will be writing many more posts Inshallah.

So let’s get things started with some tips on how to make studying more fun!

When I was in school , during my teen years, I felt like I just couldn’t concentrate long enough to actually be able to learn something. So, I was always trying to come up with new and interesting ways to study, in hopes that I would be able to make the horrendous task of studying somewhat enjoyable. I’ve actually learnt over the years that (believe it or not) studying CAN indeed be made enjoyable.

Here goes nothing !



Now, I know that this is not some super inventive way of studying but I wanted to mention this first because if you really DO want studying to be more enjoyable you’ll start early . This will help avoid stress which can make even the smallest of tasks seem too big to complete.



This is actually my favourite way to study.It just works for me! Basically you’ll read whatever topic you are meant to learn for your test and then start recording and try to explain it in an interesting and maybe even comical way.I always feel like this calms my nerves and prevents me from getting too stressed out .




This one’s for the auditory learners.Ofcourse you won’t know whether or not you are one unless you try out this method.Record yourself reading or preferably explaining the chapter and then listen to it throughout the day.This will help you recall the chapter again and again whereas learning it once might not be enough to help it really stick.



This method is great for visual learners and is another one of my favourites.It can be hard to read pages and pages of text and try to extract and learn certain points , so instead, you can highlight the important points and make your own diagrams which will help you keep these points in your mind.You don’t have to be great at art for this one, just draw shapes and figures that, to you , are a depiction of the text . Eg if you have to remember a list of animals with certain characteristics e.g fish , horse, monkey and instead of learning the names you made small doodles, then ,when the question is asked, the doodles will pop up in your head and you’ll be able to recall the list.Here’s one that shows a step in cell division.



When you get bored of studying from your textbooks or if there is something you don’t understand just search the topic on youtube .There are lots of great channels like khan academy and the amoeba sisters , that explain even the toughest topics in the most interesting way.Check them out!



This is a great way of testing yourself and also for recalling information. Also you can colour code different types of information.Bonus: colour stimulates the brain .



This is definitely a tip for the super creative story makers out there.Take whatever information is given in your book and learn it in the form of a story. This will especially help you memorize large amounts of information without stressing you out too much.Here’s a fun example- say you want to learn the process of photosynthesis, you can think of a plant as a chef , the dish he is to make as sugar and the ingredients as carbondioxide ,sunlight and water and using this to make up a story, adding the steps of photosynthesis as different details along the way.



It’s very important to take regular short breaks if you want to keep studying without getting too tired or fed up of it.It can get difficult at times to cut the break short so I tend to set timers to make sure I only take a break when I’m meant to and finish it on time.I use the 50/10 rule, according to which , you should study for 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break. It’s best to rest during this break ,maybe go outside and catch some fresh air.Try not to go on your phone or your laptop as this drains your energy.Then once you’ve studied for 3-4 hours you can reward yourself with an hour long break .



To be quite honest , this is the one I’ve struggled with the most because I literally have no self control and  find it very hard to hold myself accountable.For that reason, I think it’s best to get a member of your family to be responsible for holding you accountable and rewarding you accordingly.E.g you could treat yourself with a sweet every time you complete a chapter.



Become the teacher! After all, If you can explain the topic clearly to someone else then that must mean that you know it very well. Also, you could consider making a study group, but make sure you all study the topic prior to meeting up and once you’re together discuss the difficult points and recall the chapter.This will help you  avoid wasting your time.


That’s all for now guys! Hope the tips were of help 🙂