Hello lovelies,

If you’re anything like me and stress over the most unimportant and easily to overlook issues then this post is sure to help you out. These are all tried and tested tips and they’ve definitely worked for me and helped me to not sweat the small stuff. Let’s get straight to the point then , here are 4 tips to help you de-stress easily;

  1. Breathing exercises;


I can’t quite remember how i was first introduced to this particular technique but I’m sure as heck glad that i was because it has worked wonders for me. It’s particularly helped me relax during  ‘shark week’ as I tend to get pretty awful cramps and as a result start to stress out quite a bit.So here’s what i do (hopefully i can explain it clearly enough);

Step1: Take a deep breathe through your nose then let it out through your mouth .

Step2: Take 2  breathes through your nose and then exhale twice through your mouth.

Step3: Repeat as many times as you possibly can (don’t try to squeeze too many breaths in ,that is definitely not a good idea ) and just make sure your breathing out as many times as breathing in.

In easier words, inhale exhale then inhale inhale exhale exhale then inhale inhale inhale exhale exhale exhale. (Looks funny written down but trust me it works.)

*Also, you  should try to consult someone with better knowledge regarding breathing and meditation before trying this technique because certain breathing exercises if not done correctly can result in strains , hyperventilation etc. So do your research and stay safe , I’m just sharing what works for me*.

2. Colouring;


Lately there has been a lot of talk regarding how colouring books can help adults de-stress so I thought i’d try it out for myself , lo and behold it really does work! I guess it is because these colouring books contain really intricate designs and trying to stay within the lines requires focus and keeps your mind from wandering back to whatever was stressing you out.Plus colours have been proven to positively affect ones mood and also stimulate the brain.

3.Plan ahead/Schedule;


I am unable to sit down and complete and any task unless I make a thorough plan first.I need to get everything that is in my mind , down on paper for me to be able to organise my thoughts and hence function properly.There have been times when I thought that doing this was causing more harm than good but I soon realised that eventhough I was utilizing some of my very precious time in planning rather than just getting on with the task,it wasn’t doing that much damage.This is because, when I did get started I was able to better utilize my time because I already knew exactly what I had to do with the time that I did have.So whenever I get stressed out about , say getting my revision completed in a small amount of time , I’ll just grab a pen and paper and make a schedule and just being able to see on paper that a task is doable works wonders to reduce stress and anxiety related to meeting deadlines.

4.Paint strokes;


All you’ll need is;  a paper,a paint brush and some acrylic paints in whatever colours you like.I chose pink, blue and white and mixed them in different ratios to make a vast variety of shades and then on a plain white sheet of paper I proceeded to make vertical strokes in all the different colours.I made this when I was super bored and wanted to be creative but still didn’t to start a really difficult project that would take ages to complete.Despite it being super easy to do it was actually really fun and I was even impressed with the outcome.It’s no sophisticated work of art but I still think it looks cute and could be a possible DIY room decor project.

5.Tidy up;


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying,’tidy room, tidy  mind’ and I truly believe that the state of your room DOES affect your productivity and also your mood to a huge extent, that’s why whenever I feel like I’m in a really poopy (lol) mood , the first thing I decide to do is to de-clutter and remove and remove any extra bits and bobs that might be lying around in my room which don’t actually belong there.The mess actually does affect you indirect and you’ll only realise the effect it had on you once you get rid of it.So give it a try and let me know how it works out!

“Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles , it takes away today’s peace.” unknown

Love Always,M